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Italy is beautiful! Everybody – from an artist to a layman – knows it. The country is the birthplace of the great Roman Empire and the most prominent artistic movement of the Renaissance. The country is not only rich in the masterpieces of art and architecture, and UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites; it also has gorgeous landscapes too. Although it is absolutely enchanting, there are a couple of the most beautiful places in Italy that are worth a visit.

The country is blessed with stunning lakes, mountains and a spectacular coastline that attracts millions of tourists every year. And of course, most of us love Italian food…Delizioso! Whether you are in Italy to explore history, art, architecture, or landscapes – you will find places to visit and things to do. Here is an alluring list of the 10 most beautiful places to visit in Italy., so pack your bags and let’s travel.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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How one could resist visiting Rome when in Italy, is beyond me. Italy’s capital city, Rome is famous for a history dating back to the eras of Octavian, Julius Caesar and Hadrian, etc. The origin of Rome, the city of seven hills, is surrounded by mythology. Legend has it that Romulus and Remus – twin brothers who were nursed by a she-wolf and fathered by a war god, founded the Eternal City. It is famous for numerous incredible structures like the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and dozens of churches. The city attracts swarms of art enthusiasts and plenty of food lovers.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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There is no city like Venice. Surrounded by beautiful canals that run through the city like roads, the city employs water taxis and buses to carry passengers, with a huge fleet of famous gondolas. There is a regular hubbub of water taxis passing underneath the Ponte Degli Scalzi (Bridge of the Barefoot) and the faintest notes of a serenading violin. The romantic gondolas carry smitten couples through the web of the city’s many waterways, and gondola drivers often break into songs, perfectly coupling with the moment. The narrow passageways on the land interweave through Old World storefronts and residences, and over bridges. Venice has numerous monumental and artistic attractions as well that are worth a visit.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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Located in the picturesque Tuscan Valley, Florence is a small-town Italy. Lined with cute avenues leading to scenic piazza big and small, the city is steeped in beautiful history. Sprouted in Florence, the Renaissance-inspired many artists like Michelangelo and Brunelleschi and sheltered the powerful Medici family. The Piazza del Duomo, where the magnificent namesake church is situated, and the romantic Ponte Vecchio overlooking the Arno River are among the main attractions in the town. Moreover, Florence is known for the most beautiful sunsets, delectable Italian cooking and offers a unique romantic charm.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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The 9,301-square-mile cluster of islands of Sardinia is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, offering a unique blend of ancient culture and alluring coastal views. White sand beaches and clear, turquoise waters surrounding the island attract thousands of tourists each year. Its Costa Smeralda is enriched with lush beaches and coves overlooking yacht-filled waters. Alongside natural beauty, Sardinia features several ancient ruins, such as the UNESCO World Heritage site Su Nuraxi di Barumini. The leisure of its beauty is complemented with Sardinia’s own take on pasta and wine. The island is also known for its humble farms, forested mountains, and friendly yet reserved locals.

Lake Como

10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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Lake Como is among the most beautiful places in Italy. Surrounded by mountains and lined by small scenic towns, Lake Como is a destination to kick back and relax. The lake has many magnificent villas and palaces along its shores and beaches. Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta are the best known and are open to tourists. There are sleek sailboats and speedboats carrying tourists in the middle of the water, which provides a perfect spot for admiring the picturesque surroundings. An 11th-century abbey is also around the lake.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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Oh! The devastation of Pompeii is one of the most renowned on the globe. But buried underneath the volcanic ash of Mount Vesuvius was the frozen city of Pompeii. The buildings, artifacts, and organic remains left behind in the buried city have helped in teaching a great deal about the ancient city. It has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is one of Italy’s most popular tourist attractions with around 2.5 million tourists a year. It is a dream for people who are history enthusiasts, combine trips for Pompeii and Herculaneum and you will get brilliant glimpses into the past.

Amalfi Coast

10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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Amalfi Coast is among the places I want to visit. The stunningly gorgeous Amalfi Coast is a stretch of beautiful coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea, situated in the Gulf of Salerno in Southern Italy. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, attracting thousands of travelers annually. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast has 13 hillside towns built along the steep mountainsides that spreading down to the sea. Positano and Amalfi are the two main towns, featuring numerous hotels, restaurants, and a colorfully domed cathedral. The coast offers sky-high cliffs, breathtaking scenery, multicolored towns, and disarming turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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Another famous island of Italy is Capri, which offers jaw-dropping natural beauty, delicious cuisine and the finest shopping avenues. This picturesque small southern Italian island attracts many celebrities too. Capri’s most amazing sights are best seen by boat, including the Faraglioni rock formations and the Blue Grotto, which provide vivid views of waters in sunlight. Town’s Villas Jovis, once inhabited by Roman emperor Tiberius, and the Gardens of Augustus are quite popular for their spectacular views. The town center has many high-end shops and restaurants that give a chance for tourists to enjoy the local entities.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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A city in southern Italy, Naples nestles in the Bay of Naples. Dating back to the 2nd millennium BC, Naples has centuries of important art and architecture. The city has beautiful landmarks such as its cathedral, the Duomo di San Gennaro that is filled with beautiful frescoes, the lavish Royal Palace and Castel Nuovo, a 13th-century castle. Moreover, the city is credited with being the birthplace of pizza, which has become one of Italy’s most popular culinary creations and is loved almost by everyone. Along with delicious food, Naples has some incredible art at the Sansevero Chapel Museum and the Naples National Archaeological Museum.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Italy that are Worth a Visit
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Situated in central Italy, Tuscany is famous for its diverse natural landscape that encompasses the rugged Apennine Mountains, the island of Elba’s beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea and Chianti’s olive groves and vineyards. It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and offers a peaceful travel experience. Its spectacular landscapes dotted with romantic, secluded villas and castles housing wineries and brilliant restaurants. Tuscany is has been home to many figures influential in the history of art and science and has famous museums such as the Uffizi and the Palazzo Pitti.

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