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So if you are a Harley Quinn Series fan, here is a news that will excite you. A showrunner confirms that, the animated Harley Quinn series by DC is to release by 2021 winter or early 2022. I am super excited, especially after watching Doctor Psycho’s plan getting flopped in season 2.

Why is Harley Quinn so popular ?

Now, for those who are new to Harley Quinn World, ohh boy… You have missed on something amazing, Harley Quinn is DC Entertainments one of the best super woman villains, she was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. Creator Paul in one of his podcast says that, the idea of Harley came from the need to broaden the joker’s gang. They wanted someone who can bring fun to the gang, can make look joker a bit funny (Wasn’t he hell a-lot sadistic ). A male character would have sort of gone competitive and a comparison would have come, where as a woman character brings appeal to the masses and a woman with charm and fun can be very well accepted. In comes Harley to support Joker as her love interest and a supervillains. Harley Quinn made her 1st appearance in Batman: The Animated Series (1992), and with every act she has gained immense popularity.  In its 30th year now, Harley Quinn not only rocks the merchandise section but also rules comic, animation and TV segments.

What to expect from Harley Quinn season 3 ?

With season 3 coming soon, you guys can expect something different happening with the joker, something that did not happen with the character till date. Here are a few amazing moments from Season 2.

The kiss: When it happened, I was like holy shit, no – Harley you are a love interest of joker.

You can’t kiss Ivy. Now I was surprised, but hey go and watch the scene you will love the way it’s being created. 

Bachelorette Party: Kiss happens, and Ivy says “We are just friends”, I mean hold on aren’t they behaving like a celebrity couple who kisses each other at an event “Deep Kiss” and if you ask them “Are you guys dating?” Ahh no – We are just friends. Hahahah I just love them.

Okay, now Harley as a rich powerful individual does everything that is possible to impress Ivy and throws the Bachelorette part. Ivy fights Justice league: Doctor Psycho controls Ivy’s mind and makes sure she fights with the justice league. What do you think who would prove stronger, Ivy or the justice league (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman), I am telling you go watch the episode, you will be surprised.

Season 2 was full of surprises and nail biting scenes, be it love, hate, jokes, fun, or erotic scenes. Everything was very well used. Harley Quinn, is one of the best super villains series by DC entertainment and a property of HBO.  It’s not only being loved by the masses but also has a very high acceptance among the viewers. 


Here is a quick glimpse of evolution of Harley Quinn, you will  love the way she has evolved. Season 3 is already in production phase, report says that it was started in February 2021. As a DC fan I am waiting for the animation part of the season to be at a different scale. I wish they bring us close to some 3D experiment. Can you imagine watching Harley Quinn on a VR headset. I get chills. Here are the top 5 reasons why I am waiting for season 3… Raunchy Storytelling: Yeah, raunchy is the word. Harley Quinn is an adult series an animation that is very strong in erotic and vulgar content. It induces human emotions of indulging in erotic acts, thanks to the super imagination mode that it takes its viewers too. Violence: Harley Quinn series is a perfect mix of erotic + fun + jokes and an extra dose of violence. If you love joker you will love this witty, hot and super sexy villain. Kite Man: If you are a fan of Harley Quinn Series (And if you are not, I would recommend you go and watch 1st 2 season of it, believe me you will binge watch it) than you can not ignore the presence of kite man, he is such an adorable character, at times through his punchline he looks like just another shameless friend who has practically zero self awareness but we love to hang out. Harley & Ivy – Do they make out: Okay, season 2 ends with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy kissing each other, Now I was not surprised but hey tell me this honestly, would you not like them to take this kiss ahead and show us some hawwwwt chemistry between them. With DC, I bet they will do.

DC knows how to surprise and its viewers. Doctor Psycho: Yes, his plan did not go well in season 2, he tried to betray Harley’s crew but failed miserably. This has left me thinking what will the writer do with Doctor Psycho? Will he try to become a friend or continue playing his tactics to fulfil his evil desires.

New Addition to cast: Harley Quinn season 1 and season 2 has seen addition of new cast and characters, and DC has always done wonders in threading the plot. I would love to see the new additions and the values they bring to our experience.


I wish DC writers take joker part a bit seriously (I hope, they do) and I wish they give him a standalone episode, I wish this could set the tone of possibilities us seeing joker being a family man as well. This will be a huge surprise, we have seen him being a criminal since ages.

You love it or not, but you are certainly not going to hate it.

Conclusion: Harley Quinn and DC fans, you can expect an amazing season. Season 2 gave us goosebumps with its plot and story telling and a few things that have happened left us hooked and guessing for season 3.

DC will surprise us with the the plots that we can not even imagine.