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Netflix is dropping brilliant horror movies one after another. We are still getting out of the fright that the Fear Street trilogy gave us, and the streaming service has released yet another brilliant horror thriller, Aftermath. Netflix’s Aftermath is a haunted house flick that is based on true events, which may leave you baffled about how the realities of life take shape.

This spine-chilling story features an eerie haunted house and a couple who is trying to grapple with the normal and strange in their newly bought dream house.

The movie opens with a title card that hints about the story being based on true events. I might also add that while it may seem like The Conjuring franchise, these creepy episodes did occur in a couple’s life.

Netflix’s Aftermath

Directed by Peter Winther and screenplay by Dakota Forman, the story of Aftermath follows a young couple who after moving into a new house to patch their rough married life. Starring Ashley Greene, Shawn Ashmore, and Sharif Atkins, this movie is worth binge-watching.

But everything is not as it seems – everything begins to spiral out of control as their house starts getting listed on real estate websites, start getting magazines they never subscribed for, and are stalked by a dark and sinister presence. Something is definitely wrong, but the couple can’t figure it out – it could be demonic spirits or an evil landlord.

True Story

The story is inspired by real-life events of Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter, the couple who had to go through similar events as depicted in the movie. A series of such sinister events haunted this new couple when they moved into their home in 2011.

Soon, they received a note trying to buy the property, their newly-bought home was re-listed for sale on a real estate website and then they were bombarded with magazines for which they never had any subscription. Eventually, they caught the culprit who was wreaking havoc on their new property.

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