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The Flash movie has been in the making for so long that fans are getting tired of the wait, not less excited though. Barry Allen aka Flash first appeared in the DCEU during a concise cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice through archived footage. He then was cased in another cameo in 2016’s Suicide Squad where he briefly comes across Captain Boomerang before putting him away. Apart from the Whedon cut of Justice League, there hasn’t been a lot of Ezra Miller’s appearance as the DC hero so far.

While there have been many changes, in the cast and the production team, The Flash movie is slated for release on November 4, 2022. But, there could be some delay to that too. Another recent hurdle for the Scarlett Speedster’s arrival to the big screen is the loss of Billy Crudup as Barry’s father.

New Changes in The Flash Movie

In the recent developments, DC’s The Flash movie has lost Billy Crudup as Henry Allen due to scheduling conflicts with Apple+’s The Morning Show. Crudup was set to play Barry’s father, Henry Allen, again after his cameo in Justice League, but the studio most likely has to look to recast the role now. However, DC and Warner Bros. have found a new addition to the movie, with Spanish actress Maribel Verdú cast as Barry’s mother Nora Allen, whose death lays the foundation for the origin of Scarlett Speedster.

The Flash Movie Loses Billy Crudup as Scarlet Speedster’s Father
Image: The Playlist

WB and DC Films have spent years developing a solo movie for Ezra Miller to star as Flash. After losing and gaining multiple directors, the final creative team for The Flash has been decided with IT director Andy Muschietti and Bumblebee writer, Christina Hodson.

The production will be finally beginning this summer, and the studios have been busy locking the cast in place. It was recently confirmed that Kiersery Clemons will be playing Iris West, Barry’s love interest. She was cut out of the theatrical cut of Justice League, but will make her debut in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

The director Muschietti also recently made the surprise announcement of appearance of Supergirl in The Flash, with Sasha Calle joining the DC universe as the Kryptonian hero. But, she isn’t the only DC superhero slated to appear in the movie, as Ben Affleck will as Batman – and so will Michael Keaton with the power of the multiverse.

Ezra Miller as Flash

After his short cameos in other DC movies, the last time fans got to see Miller was in the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths where he and Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen get to share the screen for a brief moment, before the antimatter wiped out the multiverse. Ezra Miller will be carrying the torch as DC’s super-speeding hero as he will star in his own film, which will be drawing inspiration from the iconic Flashpoint storyline.

As in other iterations of the character, Barry Allen’s father is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Nora Allen, Barry’s mother. Barry gets a job a Central City Police Department’s crime lab so he can prove the innocence of his father one day. The Flash movie will likely see Barry continue in that part while also facing the consequences of the time travel. Despite having already donned the suit and worked as a superhero, the solo movie is essentially Barry’s origin story.

The Flash Movie Loses Billy Crudup as Scarlet Speedster’s Father
Image: Warner Bros.

The movie is putting its own plot twist on the Flashpoint storyline, which revolves around Barry messing up the timeline by going to the past to save his mother from dying. While Reverse-Flash plays the arch-nemesis of the Flash, it remains to be seen if The Flash will have Reverse-Flash in its telling of the story.

Before the solo movie comes out, fans will get a taste of Miller travelling back in time to change the future in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. However, the Flashpoint-inspired film will be on a whole different level as it plays around the issues of time travel and the DC Multiverse. The film has recently gone into production and will be filming for several months, maybe longer due to the global pandemic affecting TV and film production.